Birth Photography

The way your partner rubs your back during those tough contractions. Your beautiful pregnant belly, in it’s last day of carrying the most precious cargo on earth. Excited, sleepy grandparents camping in the waiting room, anxious to begin spoiling the new grand baby. The last moments before your family changes from two to three. The moment your baby comes earth-side and takes her first breath. A single, proud tear as dad meets his son for the first time. The first time your baby sees you and you stare into each other’s eyes. The first latch. The moment you become a mother (for the first, second, or fifth time).

As the premiere birth photographer in the Fort Leonard Wood area, I artistically document one of the most important days of your life. I seek and photograph raw emotions and strive to beautifully and accurately tell your birth story, no matter how or where you choose to give birth.

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Birth Hour

Wanting all those immediate details, but not full labor coverage? With a birth hour package, I arrive at the hospital ASAP once baby arrives - my goal is to be arriving as you push, and enter once baby has been delivered. I’m still on call like birth photography, but this smaller package option is perfect for those parents who want something in between.

*NEW* Raw Postpartum

I’m a real life photographer. And nothing gives me the feels more than a new mom, head over heels in love with their newborn, and not worrying about A N Y T H I N G else. Mesh hospital undies, stretch marks, a belly that still looks 3 months pregnant. While you might not envision this as being “photography worthy,” it is BEAUTIFUL, it is REAL, it is NOW. It’s an amazing way to celebrate how amazing your body is, and love yourself exactly as you are.

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