Ten little fingers, ten little toes. A cute button nose, and all the oxytocin anyone could ask for <3

The day after you deliver your sweet one (or sometimes a few hours after) I’ll arrive and document all those tiny, first details. This is the perfect session to capture older siblings meeting the baby for the first time, or grandparents and extended family coming to visit. Some things I look for during these sessions (but never plan, because I try to be as unobtrusive as possible) are: first bath, diaper changes, nursing/feeding, swaddled babies in iconic hospital carts, Mylar balloons, new parents hopelessly head over heels in love with their baby, and any other little details that help tell their story.


No bulky beanbags, age requirements, cheesy props, or HOT rooms required. I come hang out with you and your family for a few hours, capturing what a typical morning or afternoon looks like for you RIGHT NOW. Diapers, baths, cuddles, extended family, detail shots of the nursery, siblings being mischievous- I look for all the little things I would personally want to remember in 10 years and artfully capture them for you.

*NEW* Raw Postpartum

I’m a real life photographer. And nothing gives me the feels more than a new mom, head over heels in love with their newborn, and not worrying about A N Y T H I N G else. Mesh hospital undies, stretch marks, a belly that still looks 3 months pregnant. While you might not envision this as being “photography worthy,” it is BEAUTIFUL, it is REAL, it is NOW. It’s an amazing way to celebrate how amazing your body is, and love yourself exactly as you are.

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