What is a Storytelling Session anyways?

Late 2015 I found this group that spoke about shooting real life moments, and skipping the posed portraits. I was instantly drawn to the raw, honest aspect of it and realized that all of my favorite (and usually my clients' favorites too) photographs from sessions up until then were the in-between moments, chasing children, sharing a secret smile with a loved one, the exasperated look only mom's of toddlers seem to get. While we still will get one "photo for grandma," our session will be organic. Depending on what we are doing, I observe and capture the little things you don't realize are happening but will fondly remember for years to come. Nervous to not have direction? I can help prompt you and make sure you don't ever find a moment of "what to do now." Husbands and children love these sessions because it's fun and not forced.

Storytelling sessions are a wonderful way to freeze time. No matchy-outfits or "cheese". Let me capture a morning making pancakes and board games, or a date night at a local jazz bar. Think of it as a behind-the-scenes way to freeze this season of life in time. I started photographing families and children in this manner after countless sessions that ended with frustrated parents, lots of bribing children, and


Sessions start at $200 and include a styling consultation and customized session. Contact me for more information and to start "unplanning" a stress free REAL YOU shoot.