Piper Jade

Piper is a rainbow baby, which meant I HAD to deliver an awesome gallery to her parents. I've never personally suffered a miscarriage, but I can only imagine the pain parents feel. Mom Rachel bought a sweet headband and we coordinated rainbow cheesecloth wraps to tie in the theme. Sweet baby "Pips" was SO GOOD during our session, sleeping peacefully almost the entire time. I can't get over her sweet little eyelashes and tiny nose.

Dance Recital DVDs - Destination Dance Dixon Missouri

Dvd's from the December 16, 2017 will be available for purchase. Pre-order is preferred. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery of the finished product. Questions may be directed to hi@candicemphoto.com or click here: CONTACT

Dance Recital DVD - 12/2017

DVD of the entire recital from 12-16-2017

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Christmas Minis - Bradley and Jake

While I didn't end up doing a Christmas mini marathon this year, I did have a ton of fun with my favorite sweet boys! I love how Jake is so skeptical of his older brother, probably because older brothers are known for being a little mean at times! They really do love each other when the cameras aren't around :)