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Dying Easter Eggs 2018 Fort Leonard Wood Family Videographer and Photographer

In 2016 when I was first starting my journey into video, I did a short fusion video with my children dying eggs and being silly. I didn't get to do it last year because Madeline was a very needy newborn, but this year I thought it would be fun to do something similar and compare the two, and have the memories of how much they've grown. I didn't take the time to watch the original before shooting so I only vaguely remembered what it contained, and was mostly focused (in my head) with it's technical flaws.

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The Birth of Raelee at GLWACH - Film and Photos

By now I'm sure ya'll know I'm pretty obsessed with birth.. and when Lexi asked me to be her birth photographer I JUMPED. It's been forever since I got my dose of oxytocin, and I adore her and her little family.

As she predicted, her labor was very similar to her first child's. Fast and furious! I was notified around lunchtime that she was going to be induced due to elevated blood pressure (she was just about 40 weeks) and to be ready to go in that evening. I paced a bit and packed what I needed, trying not to be overly anxious. Around 8:30 PM or so I got the notification they had checked in and were preparing to break her water, but not to rush.

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Deep Roots - Terina's Family Photo Shoot

I met Terina technically BEFORE we even arrived in Missouri. When I found out we were finally pregnant (in Hawaii) I quickly switched to Tricare Standard so I could deliver with Dr. Foley, a very well known and lovable OB in Hawaii. While he wasn't going to provide me with a homebirth, I had shot three births where he was the physician and had developed a working relationship with him. I knew he would gladly honor my crunchy requests while making sure we had a healthy, happy delivery and he would be the attending, not whoever was on rotation. With my first a doctor I had never met before delivered her, and while I enjoyed his kind demeanor later on, it was a surprise to be told Dr. Hannibal would be delivering your baby :P

Upon arriving at Fort Leonard Wood, I had reached out to Terina as my other option would be Army hospital, and I had heard amazing things about her and homebirth in the area. We instantly hit it off and I consider her a friend and family member as well as a FNP and CNM.

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Featuring the Unbound Album - Now Available with your Sessions

I've been working on finding the perfect album for over two years now. I wanted not just a typical layflat option, but also an unbound box to chose from. Something that the kids and family could all enjoy while sitting around the living room, passing photos back and forth. It had to be aesthetically pleasing, so it could sit in plain sight on a shelf or entertainment stand without becoming an eyesore. Something people might inquire about, but also able to blend into each family's décor.

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Pumpkin Minis - Keturah

This was my third time working with Keturah and her family, and I hope it won't be the last! She recently received orders after killing it at her school here at fort leonard wood, and I'll be so sad to see them leave, but I am excited to see what the future holds for them!

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