Gianni Jr's First Birthday - Lifestyle and Cake Smash

Keturah emailed me months prior, asking if I would be available to photograph and film her son's first birthday. After a few quick emails, we decided on an in home lifestyle session followed by a "where the wild things are" cake smash at Happy Hollow on Fort Leonard Wood. Mom and dad were super chill and trusted my documentary work. They just followed a typical afternoon, reading and playing with Gianni Jr and allowing him to be boss of the house.  Keturah is stationed here during Captains Career Course and her husband is prior military. You can really tell how much love they have for each other and their sweet little boy. After our cake smash session, we ended the evening with a bath and some nursing photos in mom's bed where they love to snuggle. With my own nursing baby these photos are always so close to my own heart.

Piper Jade

Piper is a rainbow baby, which meant I HAD to deliver an awesome gallery to her parents. I've never personally suffered a miscarriage, but I can only imagine the pain parents feel. Mom Rachel bought a sweet headband and we coordinated rainbow cheesecloth wraps to tie in the theme. Sweet baby "Pips" was SO GOOD during our session, sleeping peacefully almost the entire time. I can't get over her sweet little eyelashes and tiny nose.

Dance Recital DVDs - Destination Dance Dixon Missouri

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Dance Recital DVD - 12/2017

DVD of the entire recital from 12-16-2017

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