5 Reasons to Hire a Birth Photographer

5 reasons to hire a birth photographer - www.candicemphoto.com

Are you considering having a photographer present during the birth of your child? Wondering why your spouse is so set on having a stranger in the hospital with you? Maybe just curious in general? Here are 10 awesome reasons having a professional document this big day is a good idea.

  1. It frees up dad to assist you with labor. Instead of holding a camera, he can hold your hand, apply pressure to those back contractions, and coach you through that final phase of delivery. Plus, when he meets that sweet baby he just might not have photography in the forefront of his mind.

  2. Quality. Unless your spouse/family member has a high end dslr AND knows a thing or two about composition, exposure, and editing those quick snapshots will be simply that- snapshots. I am so grateful to have the handful of point and shoot photos from my birth, but they're not artistic in the slightest. And no amount of editing can fix some things.

  3. You forget. It's true- birth is a crazy time, with hormones and emotions and pain all happening at the same time. Those first few days are such a whirlwind that you're likely to forget both large and small details. Let a skilled photographer create those permanent memories for you instead :)

  4. You're adding another person to your support team. No, we won't replace a doula or your partner, but we get it- we've witnessed the miracle of birth and are fascinated by it! It takes a real birth-nerd to take on birth photography, and an experienced birth photographer will know how to read your mood, when to step out and give you privacy, and can grab you some more ice chips if you're nurse is busy.

  5. We capture the things you might miss. Little details, like cute bag you packed, your pink cup (wearing a diaper), the season and time of day- you might not notice them while you're laboring but we will make sure you remember all the small things.

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If you have had a birth photographer before, what are the biggest things you appreciate from the experience? If not, what do you wish you remembered?


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