Gianni Jr's First Birthday - Lifestyle and Cake Smash

Keturah emailed me months prior, asking if I would be available to photograph and film her son's first birthday. After a few quick emails, we decided on an in home lifestyle session followed by a "where the wild things are" cake smash at Happy Hollow on Fort Leonard Wood. Mom and dad were super chill and trusted my documentary work. They just followed a typical afternoon, reading and playing with Gianni Jr and allowing him to be boss of the house.  Keturah is stationed here during Captains Career Course and her husband is prior military. You can really tell how much love they have for each other and their sweet little boy. After our cake smash session, we ended the evening with a bath and some nursing photos in mom's bed where they love to snuggle. With my own nursing baby these photos are always so close to my own heart.

Pumpkin Minis - Ashley

Ashley moved here in September and took the area by storm. She's a super fun chick whos also a talented photographer! So when she asked to trade fall pumpkin sessions I jumped on that bandwagon so fast!

lifestyle family photo at stillwater farms pumpkin patch in richland missouri

Even though she looks about 16, she has three adorable boys (ages high school to three!) and her husband is equally awkward and fun. We had a blast asking each other to do goofy things for photos-sake while enjoying the beautiful fall weather at my friend Monica's pumpkin patch. Her farm, Stillwaters, is located in Richland Missouri and is the best. They had hay rides, games, a zip line, maze, and plenty of sweet treats including their own honey. If you're ever in the area be sure to grab some- I've had a lot of raw honey and theirs is amazing. 

The Adventures of Griffin Part 2

So technically I did these backward! But if you saw The Adventures of Griffin Part 1, this is the same sweet man prior to our icecream date. I'd say it was an epic win going to the river with his fun parents <3

Elektra's first birthday

Nailini found me through another friend (and client) that is also stationed here at Fort Leonard Wood. We met up for coffee and talked about how her firstborn was about to turn one, and she wanted to take the leap to hire a professional photographer for the first time and capture the day and love their little family shares.

When I arrived, I was greeted by the sweetest itty bitty little girl dressed in a pink tutu. We played hide and seek while chatting with mom and dad, and then she really broke into giggles when Daddy came in to play. After a bit the balloons and cake were broken out- she might be tiny but she was not afraid of that cake!

How did you celebrate your little one's first birthday? I love how laid back and intimate this was, while still capturing the moments and personalities.  This sweet, smart little girl is going to go so far in life and one day will look back on her very first birthday cake smash and see how loved she is!