Kindness for Kent - Super Hero Mini Sessions

I'm so proud of our community. We had a great time raising money for Kent's tree and bench (see this post if you haven't read the back story). On top of the sessions we held, others who couldn't make it donated to Brea's fund and a local gas station even took up a collection!

Thank you everyone!

Piper Jade

Piper is a rainbow baby, which meant I HAD to deliver an awesome gallery to her parents. I've never personally suffered a miscarriage, but I can only imagine the pain parents feel. Mom Rachel bought a sweet headband and we coordinated rainbow cheesecloth wraps to tie in the theme. Sweet baby "Pips" was SO GOOD during our session, sleeping peacefully almost the entire time. I can't get over her sweet little eyelashes and tiny nose.

Christmas Minis - Bradley and Jake

While I didn't end up doing a Christmas mini marathon this year, I did have a ton of fun with my favorite sweet boys! I love how Jake is so skeptical of his older brother, probably because older brothers are known for being a little mean at times! They really do love each other when the cameras aren't around :)