Owen's Fresh 48 - GLWACH Fort Leonard Wood / Photos + Video

When you hire me for a fresh 48 photography session, I am "on call" similar to birth photography, but instead of showing up when you're in active labor I come to the hospital after you've had the baby. I do offer a package where I'll show up immediately after birth, but typically a fresh 48 session happens later in the afternoon or next morning depending on time of birth. Most mother's who opt for a fresh 48 enjoy having time to shower and recover a bit from labor and can even do a little makeup if they desire. Fresh 48 sessions are also great for documenting when the siblings meet new baby for the very first time, or if grandparents from out of town are traveling in and would like to be included in the first photographs. Unlike a posed newborn session, this is somewhat "fly on the wall" as I quietly observe how in love you are with your new one, and only give direction when needed.

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Baby Abigale's Newborn Session - Fort Leonard Wood Newborn Photographer

Oh goodness! This sweet little girl was so tiny and so snugly. I got quite a few cuddles in between silly faces and sweet baby dreams. This is definitely one of the best parts of my job. 

When you hire a newborn photographer, make sure they're well trained in baby safety and posing. While there are

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Bethany and Dan- A Lifestyle Christmas Couples Session Fort Leonard Wood Mo Photographer

So I realize I'm blogging this session (and a few more) quite late! So late in fact, we could almost call this Christmas in July, haha. I did Bethany and Dan's family/couples photos last November, and with all the super hot weather lately I've been dreaming of sugarplums and chilly weather!

Christmas couples photos lifestyle baking cookies

The best thing about lifestyle/documentary photographs is there's no posing, no cheesy set ups, just you and your family. Doing what you do best :) These two goofed off in the kitchen with their sweet rescue dog and then cuddled together on the couch, the same way they would on a typical weekend. 

After making some sweet Christmas cookies, we took Charger down to Happy Hollow (on Fort Leonard Wood) since the November weather was still pretty nice and the fall colors hadn't totally left us yet.

And then he was gone.

A few weeks ago my husband was called away to serve our country. He has traveled almost half way around the world, and while we are super proud of him for his commitment to our country and being awesome at his job, we are all missing him pretty hardcore. I wasn't sure if I wanted to post anything about it, but I know that blogging through his absence will help me work through the many emotions that seem to be constantly hitting me in the face. We had a very short notice before this deployment and it's our first. I'm going to be pretty vague about the details, but he's in a hot location and it's for more than a few months but less than a year. Because of his job, he deployed solo and there were no going away ceremonies or FRG parties, just us dropping him off at the airport in his civilian attire.

Here are a few photos I grabbed on our last night together, and at the airport.

Before I know it we will be reunited, and our family will be whole again. Until then, I am thankful for technology and friends (like one special gal who just sent me money and insisted I take the kids out for dinner- it was SO NICE and unexpected). 

Please do a happy dance for me, and I will survive this latest struggle put before us <3



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