Our Life - Janurary 2017 | Fort Leonard Wood Family Photographer

Instead of continuing with the P52 theme from last year, I'll just be posting some personal favorites from time to time. Hopefully 2-3 times a month, depending on how busy and crazy things are. I'm also looking to start including DIY projects, favorite recipes, fitness tips - general mom blog stuff!

So far, 2017 has been good to us. My husband has started interning at his new job and LOVES it so far. Nora is still doing excellent in school, and Nathan's Pre-K assessment went well, as expected. They did want to evaluate him again for speech therapy. I have mixed feelings about this, since we did it before and he was just "going at his own pace." He has a great vocabulary and talks our heads off, he just has a bit of an impediment (maybe?). I know it can't hurt him, so we will see what they say and go from there.

I have a fun photography announcement coming up soon! Learning this area's market and figuring out the logistics for working after the baby is born have been a little bit of a struggle, so I'm implementing new changes and offerings. Stay tuned!

It's only really snowed twice this winter, but this week we got to see an ice-storm first hand. I guess instead of snow, it rains and then freezes when it hits the ground. Everything has icicles hanging and the plants are encased in a glass-like layer of ice. It's really quite beautiful, although the big dead tree in my front yard is loosing a few limbs due to the weight of the ice. Luckily it isn't over our cars or home, so we don't have to worry too much.

This past week we were invited along with one of Charlie's work trips to Old Kinderhook resort, and got to ice skate and enjoy fire pits and smores! It's a little funny- Charlie promised me an ice skating date (I've never been, despite growing up in the Midwest) 6 years ago when we started seeing each other. FINALLY he get's to make good on his promise, but the catch? I'm 34 weeks pregnant hah! No ice skating for me. The kids had a blast though, and it was fun seeing him drive the bus there and back.

See you next time, and stay warm!


P52 Week 52 - A Year in Review | Fort Leonard Wood Lifestyle Photographer

For the last week of our P52 Project, I decided to post a ton of photos as a year in review. Enjoy, and thanks for following me this far!

For an easier, full sized photo view please visit: https://candicemphoto.shootproof.com/gallery/best2016/

The final links should be posted for the rest of the circle! Here's Rayna's: http://anchoredowlphotography.com/Project52/project-52/

Happy New Year everyone!

-xo Candice

P52 - Week 50 | Fort Leonard Wood Lifestyle Photographer

Only 2 more weeks until this project is complete!

In the MacDonnell house this week we have been still organizing and unpacking, In Hawaii I never got around to hanging curtains in the living room (whoops!) so I made a point to order the rods and gorgeous grommet top panels a few nights ago. They should be arriving this week and I'll share photos!

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lifestyle photography of little girl and puppy playing on kitchen table

P52 - Week 49 | Fort Leonard Wood Family Photography

Nora started public school again this week. You can catch her transition HERE- it's worth a read!  My father in law also dropped by for an unexpected visit and the kids have had a blast.  Jake is growing soooo fast- he won't be a puppy much longer! 

On top of all that, I ended up having a visit at the Hospital's Labor and Delivery.  After being sick for almost a week, I was suuuper dehydrated and woke up Wednesday morning with pretty bad back pain.  By the afternoon, I was having painful contractions and my midwife told me to head to the hospital.  They checked everything and baby was fine, bloodwork came back ok.  After 3 bags of saline and some paid medication (and a lot of me writing in pain and throwing up) I was cleared to go home and rest.  I'll be drinking over a gallon of water each day now to keep that from ever happening again!  Thank goodness baby girl is doing great.

Have a great week!  Here's Rayna's P52: CLICK

P52 - Week 47

Happy Thanksgiving!  

We had a quiet meal at home followed by desert with my friend Dannielle. She's another killer documentary photographer in Mid-Missouri, and I adore her little family. You can find her work here: www.danniellehalestoryteller.com.

Our home is 90% unpacked and I'm getting used to where everything is (our kitchen is soooo different compared to our Hawaiian home). It's amazing cooking meals again and having rooms for the kids to retire to. And having a computer to work from again.. that's pretty awesome!

Follow the circle to Rayna's P52 by clicking here: anchoredowlphotography.com/Project52/project-52/.

What did you do this Thanksgiving? 

P52- Weeks 42 to 46

Well, living on the road has been pretty fun. And crazy. In less than 30 days, we traveled from St. Louis to Fort Leonard Wood, Springfield IL, Chicago IL, Nashville TN, Fort Benning GA, Tallahassee FL, Central FL, then came back to Fort Leonard Wood via fort Benning and St. Louis.

Tomorrow is the big day- we will get the keys to our new home, the Internet will get tuned on, and our household goods will arrive (all at once, why not!)  

Here are some highlights from the month. I'm still working from an iPhone (even editing photos on it- I'm so excited to plug my desktop in tomorrow). The internet in the hotel is pretty spotty and I'm crossing my fingers this uploads :) 

Rayna has been busy! Go check out her P52 here: 


xo, Candice




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There are so many more, but hope you enjoyed these for now! Eventually I'll share a longer summary of our epic adventures, once I've had time to unwind :) 

P52 Week 40 - Hotel Life (week one)

Since I'm on a mini vacation/move, I thought it would be fun to spend more time documenting my own family and our journey. We will be traveling a LOT over the next month, and I plan to snap away!

First order of business this week was clearing housing. The movers finished last Wednesday, and we spent the remainder of the week and weekend making sure everything was cleaner than it was when we signed for the keys originally.  Husband had a lot of work things to clear too, so it was me and the kids often.  We had fun on some borrowed air mattresses (HUUUGE shout out to Jessica, Mandy, and Michelle for all the help!) and scrubbed away. If you haven't checked out my "goodbye, home" video, you can find it HERE: https://vimeo.com/184293549 Or the origonal post: http://www.candicemphoto.com/theblog/goodbye-home-missouri-fort-leonard-wood-family-real-life-photographer

Thursday night we took a break to escape to the beach and have OUR family photos done by the AMAZING Sophia of Three Plus Photography (www.threeplusphotography.com). I'll be sure to blog our session once she's finished them!

Saturday we enjoyed a wonderful dinner at one of Charlie's friends from AIT who just arrived in Hawaii. They have the sweetest children, and I enjoyed hanging out with everyone.  We then headed to the hotel and enjoyed our first night sleeping on solid beds again and cable TV.

Sunday we had an uuuber small birthday celebration for Nathan at Chuck E Cheeses with his two best friends from School. The three amigos won lots of tickets and ate a good amount of cake and pizza :)

birthday boy www.candicemphoto.com missouri real life photographer

Monday we cleared housing (no charges- yay!), turned in the keys, and ran a ton of errands.  Afterward we played in the pool and lounged around our cute little room.

Tuesday (today, currently) was Nathan's actual birthday, so once Charlie returned from work we hit the pool, Toys R Us, and Chilis.  Everyone is currently snoring to some diffused PanAway while I type this in the semi-dark room.  I love hearing the traffic from the highway go by in contrast to the quietness in the room.  After spending a few days uploading my photos from my camera to my cellphone via WiFi, I finally broke down today and fired up Charlie's laptop. Derp, why did I wait so long?  I missed Lightroom :) To see the rest of the pool photos, please visit THIS BLOG POST ()

Of course, with plenty of downtime the kids have been playing Mario basically non-stop. All I hear about is how many special coins needed for the next world, and the differences from the 3DS game compared to the WiiU game they played ONCE but somehow remember every detail from.

Thanks for making it to the end of this extremely long post, and I hope to see you back next Wednesday if you'd like to continue following our adventure!