A Day in the Life of a Newborn | Rolla baby photographer and filmmaker

Have you ever wanted to bottle up a moment and keep it forever? That's basically how I've been feeling ever since I had our third child, Madeline. She's spunky, spirited, and OH SO sweet. And gosh darn, the kid keeps growing right before my eyes!

I figured NOW was the best time to start her Day in the Life films. Before she grew anymore, and while she was still my little Mad Maddie. I spend all day filming short clips of her doing her thing, wondering if I would end up with enough to make a video.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. I do have mom-goggles though, so it's no surprise I've watched it about 10 times already. I would LOVE to make something similar for your family or child. CONTACT ME for more info :)