Ah Hui Hoi! Favorite clips from our Hawaiian (working) vacation

When we first got orders to Hawaii, I was secretly a little bummed. Coming from Florida, I was looking forward to living somewhere with seasons and snow. Plus it's super far away and expensive.

I didn't expect it to grow on me like it did! I'll always feel like Hawaii is home. It's the most beautiful place, with crystal clear teal waters, soft sand, and lots of aloha. The FOOD to die for, and there's always a gentle breeze. Getting off the airplane you immediately notice the smell of flowers everywhere. 

We moved to Missouri last November (I got my wish of cold and seasons haha!) but I've been missing the island hard core. So one night, after having a beer or five and feeling sentimental, I wrote a post on facebook asking if anyone would hire me if I wanted to come back and bring the baby. The response was OVERWHELMING and I bought my plane tickets the following week. 

I'm so thankful that I put myself out there and got to visit some amazing friends (and eat all the food). Follow your dreams y'all!

<3 Watch in HD, and scroll down for photos.

Apparently I was too busy enjoying myself and Madeline to take a lot of photos. But hey, the memories will last forever!