Benjamin's Birth Story

birth photography by candice macdonnell

Oh, sweet little man! I have been so excited to meet Benjamin Nathaniel ever since mom Liz of Clay Jars Photography contacted me to photograph her birth. Can I say what an honor?! When another photographer, especially one you look up to, asks you to capture a once in a lifetime event, with no do overs, it's pretty awesome. My heart grew a few sizes.

I really enjoyed meeting with her a few times before the big day. She's super sweet, and we spent a ton of time chatting about cameras (team nikon!), meal prepping, and our kids. My big adores her two girls and sweet pup.

On February 26th, Liz was induced. I arrived at Castle's Birth Center in Kailua, Hawaii around 8:40 AM, shortly before it was epidural time. The staff was so friendly and the view from the room? Amazing.

Less than three hours passes while we hang out and discuss the merits of chex mix and crocheted unicorns (adorable). All of a sudden, Liz says she thinks it's go time. Sure enough, baby was ready! Two solid pushes and she was able to catch her own son and welcome him into the world. 

Weighing in at 6 pounds even, Benjamin was wide awake and ready to meet mom and dad. His blood sugar was a little low, so he got extra snuggles and a lot of feeding time right off the bat. Congrats you two- he is PERFECT!  (scroll down for full video)