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Owen's Fresh 48 - GLWACH Fort Leonard Wood / Photos + Video

When you hire me for a fresh 48 photography session, I am "on call" similar to birth photography, but instead of showing up when you're in active labor I come to the hospital after you've had the baby. I do offer a package where I'll show up immediately after birth, but typically a fresh 48 session happens later in the afternoon or next morning depending on time of birth. Most mother's who opt for a fresh 48 enjoy having time to shower and recover a bit from labor and can even do a little makeup if they desire. Fresh 48 sessions are also great for documenting when the siblings meet new baby for the very first time, or if grandparents from out of town are traveling in and would like to be included in the first photographs. Unlike a posed newborn session, this is somewhat "fly on the wall" as I quietly observe how in love you are with your new one, and only give direction when needed.

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The Birth of Raelee at GLWACH - Film and Photos

By now I'm sure ya'll know I'm pretty obsessed with birth.. and when Lexi asked me to be her birth photographer I JUMPED. It's been forever since I got my dose of oxytocin, and I adore her and her little family.

As she predicted, her labor was very similar to her first child's. Fast and furious! I was notified around lunchtime that she was going to be induced due to elevated blood pressure (she was just about 40 weeks) and to be ready to go in that evening. I paced a bit and packed what I needed, trying not to be overly anxious. Around 8:30 PM or so I got the notification they had checked in and were preparing to break her water, but not to rush.

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The Beautiful Unassisted Birth of Eloise Quinn

Dannielle is the very first person I met here in Missouri, and she helped me tremendously through my birth (filming, photographing, and coaching). It was so awesome to return the favor at her 4th birth, an educated, unassisted home birth of their first girl after three boys.  I'll let her tell the story <3

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The Birth of Madeline Rose | My Peaceful Homebirth

I'm so excited to share my own birth story with you guys! If you go way back to THIS POST, I talked a little about my first two birth experiences and shared the few photos I had. This time, when my baby-fever having husband finally convinced me to have another one, I knew I wanted to do things differently.

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The Birth of Cohen - Hawaii Documentary Birth and Family Photographer

Oh sweet little boy!  Mom Ashley was referred to me by a dear friend, Khalilah (who recently reloacated to Maryland- if you're in the area YOU HAVE TO check her out). 

On July 4th, I got a phone call she was going into the hospital with some strong contractions. Unfortunately, baby had other plans, and we ended up waiting until July 21st to finally meet him!

Big sister and brother attended the birth, and after a few very graceful pushes Dad delivered their little 7 pound 5.3 ounce bundle of joy! 

Congratulations, he is the sweetest!

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