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Have I mentioned deployments SUCK? 

It's been over 2 months now since my better half left, and I've more or less adjusted. We have days where only half of the family wears pants and we peanut butter bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner (or linner, if we miss a meal.. oops), but for the most part everyone is alive, the house is surprisingly clean, and I'm not too far behind on work and personal projects.

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military spouse deployemnt cake in a jar

But, man, birthdays are my favorite celebration, and husband's birthday was approaching. It's actually his birthday TODAY, but I didn't want to blog this before he got his care package and ruin the surprise. 

While I can't do much from halfway around the world, and alcohol is banned in Afghanistan, I COULD at least send him a birthday cake. What is a birthday without cake, #amiright?

cake in a jar for military deployed spouse birthday

So I googled and pinterest searched until I found a recipe that seemed legit, and then went for it at 11:30pm one night. Actually I found 2 recipes, since using box cake seemed lame if I was going to the trouble of actually baking something IN A FRIGGIN JAR and mailing it to the desert. The cake recipe can be found here: Liv For Cake.

I'm a sucker for a nice, simple recipe and clean website. Her cake photos were on point too, so it gave me confidence MY cake would turn out looking somewhat edible (fun fact, while I enjoy cooking I HATE baking because it's so dang strict, and I don't like following rules). 

cake in a jar fort leonard wood photographer
missouri military photographer

I didn't use buttermilk, because we didn't have any and I didn't feel like trying to make some on my own. And I couldn't do the frosting part, because you apparently can't frost the cake when it may sit in the mail for a good week or two.

I found this blog: Spouse Buzz  and died laughing at her instructions, so we instantly became best friends (she doesn't know it though. yet) and I was able to successfully-ish pull off these cakes.

Have you survived a deployment or separation from your loved one? What were your favorite things to send in care packages?

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