CMP is Moving to Washington DC!


So if you haven’t seen yet, I announced (FINALLY) over the weekend that it’s our time to move! A few months ago, when my husband called to see if he could start dropping hints on where our next duty station might be, he found out we were already on assignment to the Washington DC area! Of course, with the Army, nothing moves quickly and we STILL don’t have anything in paper, but it’s at the final stage of processing now and we actually are going to buy our FIRST HOME next month. WHOA. I feel like an adult, y’all.

Washington DC Documentary Photographer

The mlitary has now taken us from central Florida (home-ish), to BEAUTIFUL Oahu, Hawaii (I WILL have a vacation property here one day), to quiet rural Missouri, now to busy metro DC. We plan to live in the Northern Virginal area after falling in love with Fairfax school district and the suburbs. The commute also played a huge part into this decision, and I’m so excited to go see all these properties next month and finally have a home to call our own- like actually OWN. I’m trying not to go too crazy with all the pinterest boards, but if you want to stalk my “Town-home decorating” board the link is here: Town-home-Inspo

With that being said, I will be extremely limited with any further sessions while we prepare this pretty short notice move. Any previous CMP client can email or message me to receive a thank you discount in late July and August. I will do one last round of mini sessions, either river or woods. Either one will require copious amounts of bug spray because #Missouri ain’t playing this summer. I’ve pulled so many ticks off myself, and was somewhere between dying of tears and utterly repulsed when at Jerrica’s elopement Mitchell was hopping around as he removed 20+ ticks in 15 minutes.

Drop me a line with amazing Washington DC area things to do, travel tips, and experiences, or to book a end of the summer session with CMP before we head East!


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