Dawson | Birth

Welcome sweet Dawson!

Birth story, written by mom:

After 35 hours of labor and a pretty traumatic delivery, Dawson Everest Kirkpatrick was born at 6:08am on February 1st weighing 8 pounds 2 ounces and was 20 inches long! He had some issues with breathing after delivery and had swallowed a mix of amniotic fluid and meconium. We were told he may have also broken his clavicle bone when I was pushing. Thankfully all of his issues were resolved after about 40 minutes of the doctors and nurses working to get him to breathe on his own and nothing ended up being wrong with his clavicle. These pictures mean the world to me as we weren’t able to hold him for two hours after he was born.
We are so in love and so grateful that everything ended up turning out well for our little man! He’s already the light of our lives.❤️
For anyone who has messaged us for updates and hasn’t received a reply, please know today has been absolutely terrifying and we wanted to focus all of our energy on making sure he is ok!❤️

And I can happily say Dawson was able to go home a few days later with ZERO complications. Mom and dad are in love with their sweet little man, and he’s an absolute doll.

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