Dying Easter Eggs 2018 Fort Leonard Wood Family Videographer and Photographer

In 2016 when I was first starting my journey into video, I did a short fusion video with my children dying eggs and being silly. I didn't get to do it last year because Madeline was a very needy newborn, but this year I thought it would be fun to do something similar and compare the two, and have the memories of how much they've grown. I didn't take the time to watch the original before shooting so I only vaguely remembered what it contained, and was mostly focused (in my head) with it's technical flaws. 

We don't dye our eggs the prior day like most families, somehow we have adopted the tradition of just dying them the afternoon of Easter to celebrate the day. As a non-religious family, we don't attend church services and have no family nearby to visit with, so instead we enjoy a laid back relaxed day. For lunch instead of an Easter ham with the fixings, we had a cheesy penne pasta bake and the kids ate their chocolates the "bunny" brought them. I do love some ham, but I also love a no-fuss dinner :P (enjoy the napkins? hit me up and I'll put you in touch with my talented friend who makes them! #savetheearth)

Since having Madeline it's been interesting to "start over" with having a helpless little baby, but also how our family dynamic has changed. Nora is an amazing big sister and loves helping out. Nathan thinks she's cute and constantly tries to make her laugh. The big kids have grown so much! I finally took time to watch the first Easter Video late Sunday night. Cue the waterworks- Nathan's long wavy hair and sweet little voice telling me he farted, and Nora was so much younger. Where has the time gone? How is she a pre-teen now!?

If anything, this only confirms my sentiment on how valuable photographs and videos are. Having these memories will let me relive these moments over and over again, and one day share with my grandchildren. <3 I hope you had a happy Easter, however you chose to celebrate it.


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