Enefpuut. That's how I imagine ENFPT would sound if you squished it into a word. It's a silly acronym, especially on account that some of the letters aren't the beginning of the word they represent.

I was wasting some time (avoiding real work duties, namely bookkeeping) and stumbled upon 16personalities.com. Of course, I took the test because that's what humanity does- "what sort of crazy results will I get, say say?" Anyways, I think it's actually the same I've been getting for 10 years now.

Extraverted: 40%.  I feel like that number is rather large, because social situations really do wear me out and I love a book / netflix / candy crush and sleep. It sounds horrible but the idea of 2 playdates or meet-ups or social activities in one week makes me tired. I'm usually content walking to school and back twice a day, five days a week, and creeping on the internet for some fake social interaction.  Possibly it's because I've been working a lot lately, or just had a lot on my plate. I love my friends, and I actually do LOVE being out and meeting new people and hanging out, but the energy to get there isn't what it used to be.

crazy baby face

Intuitive: 70%. The opposite trait is Observant, (practical, pragmatic, down to earth, habitual and grounded). That is very true. I'm often lost in the sauce, or thinking about if's and what's and projects and if it wasn't for my very practical, pragmatic, down to earth husband I'd probably float away into outer space.

Feeling: 37%. I get the feels (sensitive and emotional). Sure. I envy you cold, hard "Thinking" people :)

Prospecting: 72%. My highest number, which makes sense. It's opposite is judging, and I don't go there.  "non conformal, open minded, flexible, with their options open"

Turbulent: 69%.  Self conscious and sensitive to stress. Success driven and eager to improve. The opposition trait is assertive, those who are confident, don't worry, and don't push very hard toward goals.  I would have pegged myself more toward that answer honestly.  Or maybe right in the middle. I'm not sure what I did to score so high on the one end, lol.

There you go.  I just shared some of myself - results from an online test, but they're pretty close to honest. I like being reminded of not only my strengths but weaknesses, because that's the only way to grow as a person.

I am an introvert, but can pretend to be extroverted.
I am an introvert, but can pretend to be extroverted.