Experimenting with film

experimenting with film oahu hawaii photographer

I picked up an old Pentax K1000 off Ebay in August and, true to Candice style, didn't get the film developed until now. I laughed a little because I had forgotten some of the photos I took. Apparently I exposed one image 5x, and didn't wind the roll correctly in some others. All in all it's pretty neat to let go of so much control (white balance, what?) and just shoot for fun. 

Other than converting a few to black and white and slight noise removal in some that were extremely grainy, they're straight from the camera. There really isn't much editing you can do with these anyways. It really brought me back to my college days when I took black and white 35mm photography, and had to develop and print everything ourselves. Way cool. I'd love to find a darkroom to play around with. I am so bummed I don't have my enlargements from back then- they were mostly angsty punk kid photos, truck beds full of beer bottles (texture), friends smoking under a porch light, photos of heavy machinery.