Family Photos That Aren't Torture

If you’ve had your family portraits taken before, you either LOVE the experience or HATE it. I’d wager most husbands and children fall into the second category. Heck, as a mom I know I couldn’t do a typical session. In the past with just two school aged children, it wasn’t too terrible. But I have a toddler now, my husband and I are both college students and work full time, and coordinating outfits or bribing my kids to not act like they hate each other for 15 minutes is beyond the realm of things I can do.

So what’s the solution? Go years without family photos to avoid the stress?

psst… Documentary and lifestyle sessions aren’t stressful!

Want to see a documentary session I personally had done? MAD PROPS to - if you’re ever in Hawaii and want an epic vacation, family or birth session YOU GOTTA CALL HER.