Photography Free-Lens Challenge

free lens challenge hawaii documentary photographer

Truthfully, I was a little scared to do this challenge. Not only have my previous attempts at this wonky camera art failed, there's the risk of getting dusk or whatnot in my very pretty camera. I do love my camera. But, after some trial and error, I discovered the awesomeness of taking your perfectly good lens off the camera and floating it a few inches in front of it- surprisingly a photo still appears on the display. You have to see it to believe it. If you dare, i recommend using live view mode and a lens with a manual aperture ring.

It's ok to end up with a ton of OOF (out of focus) images because the whole point is stepping outside your comfort zone. That's why the computer gods invented the delete button :P

Go check out Sharleen's challenge post- she NAILED the out of focus and really showed off her awesome lensbaby tilt skills. You can join in the community by visiting the facebook group HERE.

What do you think of free lens and shallow depth of field shots? do you love the light leaks as much as I do? Drop a line below to say hello :)