P52 Week 39 - Goodbye, Home

Moving has always been pretty easy for me. Before my husband joined the military, I moved 16? times around central Florida (and once from west Chicago). I typically would take 2-3 trips in a Ford Focus --I've had 3-- and just make due without anything too large to haul.

Once I married my sweet husband, we made a real "home" that I hadn't had before, which included things like couches, a dining room table, and a washer and dryer. I guess I finally became some sort of an adult!

This move is sooo different though. In Hawaii, I found a home that I had been searching for. Even though many of my close friends have moved prior to us, I still feel that sense of family and ohana here that I was missing. I'm happy to be closer to my parents (I missed them more than I realized!) but I'll be leaving behind something I can't describe. Hopefully one day we can make it back to this amazing paradise.

To help keep our memory of Hawaii alive I made a short film of my (messy-grown up meets frat house) home, and I'm so happy I decided to do it. Whether you take photos before moving or hire someone to do video, please make these memories for your children <3

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