Hawaii Sessions: The Thompsons

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One of my favorite things about photography is networking with other creatives and making new friends. I have so much to say about this family and how thankful I am for meeting them, but Chelsie's thoughts seem to be more than enough.

I would love to paint a picture.... virtually and mentally that it. I had never met Candice but between both of us being photographers and being military spouses, our paths crossed. Delightfully, aside from I wish it had happened sooner. She posted she was wanting to come back to Hawaii for a work vacation. This is really what had intrigued me, a Mom with 3 little's (okay maybe two aren't super little, but none the less) wanted to hope on a plane and travel from MO to HI with a baby and work. Why didn't I think of this when I was in Cali and bored! So obviously shes a total boss mom business babe! So I start looking at her work and its phenomenal. Her videos are so emotionally captivating, her photos remind me of how I photograph my life. So I hired her. Because as a photographer, I know 1st hand how fleeting these moments are. Booking was super easy, planning the session was a breeze, then she came over, it was awesome. I loved how she was in the background but still there, heck 90% of what she filmed/photographed I didn't even realize she was getting! It was perfect. I felt so confident throughout the whole process. I watched my video tonight, and its perfect. It is exactly who we are. The best things happen when you aren't even planning it. I wasn't planning on having photos done until October for holiday cards, but I knew when I saw her work I couldn't live without this. So if you are or aren't looking for photos + video you should check out Candice. She is absolutely amazing. * one of the photos from our session, our crazy chaotic beautiful life. <3 *