Hiking Judd Trail

hiking judd trail photography

Let's be real here. My kids are GREAT. Like, super well behaved, both excel at school, and are rather quiet and un-crazy - but they're terrible at being kids. So to get their butts off the couch I decided it was time to encourage a family hike. This hasn't happened other than one very grouchy not fun sunrise hike to the Makapu'u Lighthouse. There was bribes made, dinner thrown in the crock pot, and we all piled into my Focus to head to the other side of the island.

Living in Hawaii, hiking is something i figured we would do a lot of. In florida, everything was really realllllyyy flat. and sort of boring. Pretty, but better to be seen from a boat with a cold drink in hand. Other than a few more advanced hikes when we got here, we have not really enjoyed the interior of Hawaii. Hopefully i'll be posting a lot of them in the next few months- I want to see as many as possible while we still live in this beautiful state!


what's your favorite oahu hike? post it in the comments so i'm sure i don't miss out on any gems!