Hiking Lanikai Pillboxes

Christmas Eve, my girl Sam and I decided to get up SUPER early and hike Lanikai's pillboxes. It's about a 50 minute drive, plus parking, so I was up at 4 am. I reeeeaaly don't like waking up that early, but this was totally worth it.

Leaving all the kids at home with dads, we sleepily joked about life and found some street parking. I believe now it's illegal to park in this area, which blows for any hikers.  

hiking up the pillboxes in the dark oahu hawaii lifestyle photographer

It was really dark going up, and luckily Sam had a flashlight helmet on because my phone wasn't much help.

Once at the top, we chilled and drank our breakfast beverages and watched a drone pitter around the area.

shaka aloha sillohette lanikai pillboxes oahu hawaii
double rainbow lanikai oahu hawaii lifestyle family photographer

Man, that sunrise. So pretty. I love this side of the island so much.

Everyone was having a great time welcoming the sun and double rainbow. When we decided to head back there was a large group of hikers working their way up.

plants at pillboxes lanikai oahu hawaii pretty clouds
view of lanikai beach and islands from first pillbox