How To Have a Meaningful Beach Photo Session

beach family photography oahu hawaii candice macdonnell

Let's be realllly honest for a second. 

We (well, I) live in Hawaii. One of the most beautiful places on earth. It's no surprise that when most families envision this year's family photographs, they're staged on a dreamy white sand beach with palm trees in the background. Often when I talk about doing in home sessions, I see eyes glaze over because, well, Hawaii. Duh.

What I want to tell you is you don't need cute, coordinated outfits to accomplish this.  If you're anything like me, the beach is something that happens on occasion rather than daily. So to make sure your photographs long outlive any fashion trends (and save yourself a lot of stress and bribing children) take a look at this super COOL family's beach date. 

In December I had the wonderful opportunity to mentor with Marie Masse of Fearless and Framed, and we had a sweet family oblige us. They chose this particular beach because it's their favorite local hangout and the kids had a blast. Not one tantrum. Seriously. Just splashing, laughing, finding sea cucumbers and snails, and having a genuinely good time.  Check out Marie Masse's work by clicking here.