Phon30graphy Roundup 3

I love that this challenge keeps me accountable to take at least one photo and try to make it artistic. No fancy $4k equipment, no need to transfer RAW images from an SD card to my computer and edit. It still requires me to put some thought into it, and try to capture something that will draw others into it. As much as I love 1845034830 photos of my kids, I'm also trying to create a picture that other viewers will be compelled to actually stop and look at for a second. And not get repetitive :)

grocery shopping piggyback ride iphone lifestyle photography

Sometimes I happen to look up and see something beautiful unfolding. Other times I have to search a little longer for it.  

But I still end up with some candid shots of my kids and their little personalities. <3

My kids are still working on the don't stop and cheese thing.

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