Phon30graphy Roundup 2


This week was actually rather eventful. We went to the doctor, which never happens. Nathan's diagnosis was he just is "chronically ill." I'm happy his doctor isn't a pill pusher- we went home with a saline sinus rinse kit that my little 4 year old surprisingly tolerates, and I decided to come back after he was happy and healthy for a good week+ for blood testing. Doc thinks it's super unlikely he has any immune deficiency, but better to be safe than sorry. For how pro germ we are, I would think there aren't any simple bugs that could even touch my kids. Then again, being military we are ALWAYS around people coming and going, so the viruses are endless. Cross your fingers he will outgrow it soon.

I acquired some new kitchen gadgets and have been cooking up a storm. Some friends were amused when I told them I made salmon skewers (totally amazing and paleo!)- they did NOT fall apart. Fish is awesome, guys.

Saturday was amazing- I returned to the dreaded Kokohead to conquer it with my lovely friend and our families. I got to photograph her kids climbing to the top, and K breastfeeding a 2 month old at 1208' elevation overlooking Honolulu. Afterward we checked out Kokohead Cafe- I had some french egg dish that was DELIGHTFUL. Along with a vanilla sea salt biscut and some breakfast cocktails- the breakfast Maker's Mark Milk Shake stands out most in my mind :P It even was garnished with bacon!

I've really enjoyed this busy, rainy, windy Oahu winter week. Hop over to Sam's blog and check out her crazy moving life!