Jalyen's Nursing Graduation and Family Photographs - Waynesville Photogarpher

new graduate of waynesville practical nursing program with two daughters fort leonard wood event photography

Can we all just pause and say CONGRATULATIONS JAYLEN for graduating such a hard program?  LPN is not an easy talk, and each one of the graduates worked their butt off to earn that degree. The world needs more dedicated nurses and I have a HUGE amount of respect for every person who dedicates their life to serving others. 

While every time I photograph an event it's completely different and usually I have no clue what to expect, I've noticed a few trends. 1- I have to be quick with switching exposure settings. Because I shoot completely in manual (I like control!) if I goof, my photos will be severely over or under exposed when switching my camera angle. The good thing is that I can ensure my camera doesn't do something silly like lower the shutter speed and cause unintended blur or out of focus shots. 2- I have to be ready to swap lenses. Until recently I kept a 24-70 lens with me which is considered an industry standard zoom, but with my particualr style and shooting preferences I have decided to forgo it and stick with prime lenses- 35, 85 and 135 are my favorites. Prime lenses are much faster in low light and can give such creamy bokeh. 

photography client at waynesville school of practical nursing graduation
crowd at waynesville lpn graduation go wild event photographer

And the crowd goes wild! It was awesome to see so much support from family and friends, miliary and local alike.