The Birth of Raelee at GLWACH - Film and Photos

By now I'm sure ya'll know I'm pretty obsessed with birth.. and when Lexi asked me to be her birth photographer I JUMPED. It's been forever since I got my dose of oxytocin, and I adore her and her little family.

As she predicted, her labor was very similar to her first child's. Fast and furious! I was notified around lunchtime that she was going to be induced due to elevated blood pressure (she was just about 40 weeks) and to be ready to go in that evening. I paced a bit and packed what I needed, trying not to be overly anxious. Around 8:30 PM or so I got the notification they had checked in and were preparing to break her water, but not to rush.

woman laboring in hospital with support of husband wearing monitors for high blood pressure

Once the water was broken, Ethan (husband) shot me a message saying things were DEFINETLEY picking up. Yay! I gave my kids kisses and made the long, arduous, 5 minute journey to the hospital (so much nicer than Hawaii, lol). 

It was a rainy February evening, and I scurried into the hospital past soldiers waiting for late evening appointments. By now, I've gotten a good feel for the layout and no longer need assistance finding labor and delivery. When I arrived at Lexi's room we chatted non-chalantly while watching the Olympics (skiing). Before long her contractions were getting extremely intense, and she even asked for an epidural. The nurse knew she was close, and had really REALLY wanted an all natural birth, so took a "few extra minutes" while Lexi labored to complete. 

woman during childbirth at fort leonard wood hospital birth photography

All of a sudden it was go time! Her body started pushing involuntarily, and everyone told her to go with it. Shortly after, with a few shouts of "OWIE", sweet little Raelee was born with a head FULL of hair. Not just hair, but THICK BLACK hair. No one was expecting that and still to this day she has the prettiest fuzz.