Love | part one

Why am I a photographer? ..part one.


Love is a very big, vague word. It can be a verb, adjective, tattoo, something on a tee shirt from some 60's clothing phase. To really love someone though, honestly and 100%? I believe there is a type of love only a parent can have for a child, it's separate from adoration, affection, or even love for a spouse. It's pure magic. People have been trying to bottle that up for years (think: baby smell)

It wasn't until I was 20 (6 days before I turned 21) that I really knew what it was to love someone. That's the day my little mini me entered into the world.  She was a surprise, I wasn't entirely sure I was ever going to have children at the time, but sure enough the world had other plans..

This little wiggly pink stranger changed me in so many ways, and made me want to be such a greater person. She made me want to show her love in everything I did, and taught me it was possible to love someone so unconditionally.


Thank you pumpkin baby, for teaching me what love is.

It is because of this, the love I've been taught and shown and can now show myself, I want to make photos that will remind your children of the love you showed them.  The laughter, tiny held hands, the look in your eyes when they smile. That is love.