Maddie and Cheese | Video Workshops

Last month I hosted an intimate Videography workshop here in Waynesville, MO at our studio off of historic Rt. 66. I had 2 amazing students who were so excited to learn not only the basics of DSLR videography, but also HOW I plan my video sessions, what I look for when shooting, and many tips and tricks.

In preparation for my course, I shot two short videos to demonstrate different skills. My students gain lifetime access to the technical teaching course, but I wanted to share the little “putting it together” film I made of my toddler eating mac and cheese, her favorite meal.

Something I emphasized to my students is that you don’t need a monuments reason to film your clients or family. The little everyday moments make the best memories, and are great for learning and practicing your skills or trying out new techniques with less pressure.

Interested in group or one-on-one video mentoring? Contact me to talk goal and set a date!

Candice MacDonnell is a lifestyle and documentary photographer who focuses on Motherhood, including Birth, Fresh 48, Raw Postpartum, Family, Maternity, Children. She is well known for her moody lighting, artistic angles, and emotional moments. In addition to photographs, Candice also is a talented videographer, and loves creating brand promotional videos, family films, and birth videography. CMP is located in Waynesville Missouri and services St. Robert, Fort Leonard Wood, Rolla, Lebanon, Springfield, St. Louis, and other mid Missouri locations.