Mathew's First Day of Kindergarten - Family Documentary Photography

As a parent, I think I missed out a little on the first day of school experience. My daughter attended half days Montessori preschool from age 3-5, and while I remember being excited for her first day of Kinder, I think I was already used to her being an independent "big girl" at that point.

This year I'm homeschooling my children, so I was available to capture this sweet moment for Ruth and her son. She was so excited and nervous to let him spread his wings, and seeing the emotions come over her were so sweet! Mathew was so excited, brave, and full of spunk as I watched them get ready and load up into the car with sissy. 

From Mom, Ruth:

"Oh man. So many emotions! Worry, anxiety, broken heart. Lol. I mean, he's been my* buddy for the past 5 years... I do everything with him and I love it. He's my encourager, my best pal. So having him leave, even for a few hours, was heartbreaking to me. Ha. I am his protector and knowing that he's out there on his own filled me with anxiety. I mean, what if someone threw a ball at his direction, and it possibly hit his head, and I'm not there to run interference ."

I think she nailed it. <3

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