Meet Howie, Our Newest Family Member


Puppies are the best thing ever. Who doesn't love their stinky breath and endless kisses, or finding your new friend passed out in your shoe. We found a local-ish breeder a few months ago, and I've been following their group. They care for their pugs and puppies as family members and post regular updates. I talked to husband and we agreed to put down the $100 deposit to be on the waiting list for a black female puppy. The awesome thing was you could pass if you aren't ready (something we were still debating). We ended up sixth on the waitlist, second specifically requesting a black female pug. I guess fawns are more popular, and this particular breeder has more fawn litters per year vs black puppies. There are also different variations of fawn, including apricot and silver. Jake is a typical fawn, with a light tan color and black/dark markings on his face and ears. He also has a slight "trace" which is a darker line running down his back.

photos of a baby black pug and his sister

When June the pug got pregnant, we immediately got excited but didn't want to get our hopes up too much. June was a black pug, but it was her first litter and there were no guarantees that she would have any black puppies, let a lone 2 females. It was so cute watching her "pregnancy" photos pop up in the newsfeed.

When she gave birth, the first was a black female and the second got stuck in the birth canal. After an emergency c-section they were able to save the remaining pup (black male) but not the stuck one, which was a fawn female. A few days later Hannah reached out to me and let me know the intended parent of the black male had backed out, so we had dibs if we wanted.

photos of a baby black pug and his sister

Jake is kinda a pain in the butt, so we were a little apprehensive to have two boys, but after seeing this little guy we couldn't say no. We were updated with weekly photos and videos of him and his sister playing with their adult friends and you could tell that they were so loved. When our baby turned 8 weeks old we drove the 2 and a half hour drive to Joplin and got to pick out our little fuzzy bundle. Isn't he perfect? Charlie finally agreed to let me name him "Howie" after Howard Stern, who I have a funny obsession with. I doubt Howie will ever take over the radio, but hopefully he will be just as cool and unique as Stern is!


Stay tuned for plenty more photos of Jake and his baby brother Howie in the months to come!