Oh, hello there.

I am finally going to release this - I miss the simple days of HTML (before xml, html5, flash.etc). It took me some time to get things in working order, but I can't wait forever.

  1. This is a little more polished and formal than my prior design.
  2. I'm focusing on a specific genre of photography. Documentary lifestyle photography. Every session I do, if it's 1 or 24 hours, I'd like it to be album worthy.  I have found, over the last 2 years, that I can't just share 10 photos from a session and feel happy and complete.  I want to narrate our time together through images, emotions, quirks, meltdowns, sand, monkey balls (you have to live here to get it), and love.
  3. I realized my why.  We will get to that on truthful Tuesdays.  I'm going to attempt to tell a story about myself each Tuesday.
  4. I decided what I like shooting, what gives me goosebumps, vs what I procrastinate and don't really get as excited about.
  5. Who is reading this? If you are, totally give me some feedback, public or private.  I'd love it!

Lots of love,


I would be a really hot man. No really.
I would be a really hot man. No really.