Our Halloween Home


I used to go SO CRAZY with Halloween decorations. Last year we were mid PCS (military move) during my favorite holiday, so while we did get to celebrate it wasn't the same. We had fun going around the neighborhood with Charlie's best friends and their children, but we didn't dress up ourselves and I was about 50 months pregnant at the time. This year we are settled into our little home, and we have a "first" time trick or treater on our hands!

I slowly have been working on decorating my home over the last few months and pulled out a few of my favorite Halloween decor items.

Of course, the Goose needed a new outfit this year so we got a Franken-goose set from Miles Kimbal. I'd seen Geese dressed as pumpkins and witches growing up, but Frankenstein was a first! The purple skeleton was found at Dollar Tree, and we have a mix of real and fake carvable pumpkins. Unfortunately we haven't gotten around to carving them, so maybe we can do squash surgery tonight after dinner.


The cute tabletop decoration was given to me from my mom, and when you push the button they dance side to side and sing the monster mash. I remember Nora used to be SO SCARED of pressing the button but she loved watching it. My ugly tree was a Px score in Hawaii - right before Halloween it got marked down from $80 to $13 and I had to have it. My husband is your basic white girl, so he grabbed the pumpkin spice candle and pumpkin scented pine-cones (love you babe haha!)


I recently did a lot of begging and dragged the family to Target, where Charlie picked out these cute little pumpkins and wood decor. Of course, Jake ate the top off one so I've had to keep an eye on the remaining little guys.


I believe my great-aunt made the fun ceramic pumpkin, and it was always present in my home as a child. I'm happy to display it for my children now along with some spray painted black bottles and cute fall curtains my mom made when she came to visit earlier this month.

cute fall curtains and Halloween decorations on a custom made window ledge

cute fall curtains and Halloween decorations on a custom made window ledge

We hung drop-cloth curtains last week and these little purple bat lights worked perfectly hanging above them. They give off the right amount of ambient light at night. I'll be sad to pack them up.

purple bat string lights for Halloween

purple bat string lights for Halloween

I'm not the best with a sewing machine, but I managed not to screw up a pillow and two shams with some cute Halloween themed fabric from Walmart.


I found this cute white box? thing at Goodwill and the asthetic worked perfectly with my style. It is happy holding some festive corn that will last till Thanksgiving :) I found a dollar tree skull from a few years ago and stuck it in my little fern tree.


Last but not least- I finally scored a great deal on a felt letter board ($9 at Walmart!) and almost fell over when I saw the "Boo, Felicia" on pinterest.


Thanks for reading all that! Madeline has been trying to type as well, so hopefully I don't miss any of her additions when proof reading :)