Owen's Fresh 48 - GLWACH Fort Leonard Wood / Photos + Video

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fort leonard wood photographer general leonard wood army community hospital entrance

I love watching two people become parents for the first time. I had met Desiree and Kris a few times before through my husband, and they're such a fun couple. They both are very dedicated to their careers and have matching senses of humor. 

When you hire me for a fresh 48 photography session, I am "on call" similar to birth photography, but instead of showing up when you're in active labor I come to the hospital after you've had the baby. I do offer a package where I'll show up immediately after birth, but typically a fresh 48 session happens later in the afternoon or next morning depending on time of birth. Most mother's who opt for a fresh 48 enjoy having time to shower and recover a bit from labor and can even do a little makeup if they desire. Fresh 48 sessions are also great for documenting when the siblings meet new baby for the very first time, or if grandparents from out of town are traveling in and would like to be included in the first photographs. Unlike a posed newborn session, this is somewhat "fly on the wall" as I quietly observe how in love you are with your new one, and only give direction when needed.

fort leonard wood fresh 48 birth photographer

I've shot at a few different hospitals in my career and I had to say General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital has been really impressive. None of my clients have had any complaints, the nurses, midwifes, OBs, and staff have always been pleasant and friendly, and the rooms are BIG and full of natural light. 

No one can look at sweet Owen without smiling! He is completely perfect and so sweet. I look forward to photographing him in the future!

What's even better than photographs of a day old baby? A video! All of my sessions have the option to add a storytelling video on. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million.