P52 Week 15

Hey hi hello!

I dropped the ball and missed last week. Partly from being busy, partly dealing with lens issues, and partly being just lazy. It happens, right? I did post a sweet newborn session on the blog HERE, from early March. Babies are really the best. Nathan is obsessed with birth and having a "baby brother"- I told him good luck with that.

Speaking of my curly haired pre schooler, I had the chance to grab coffee with some great friends (and meet some new ones too!) Tuesday. 

Even though he jumped from the pillar? 5-10 times with no issue, he inherited my clumsy gene and busted it getting up from the picnic table. Poor thing. Check out these amazing photographs snapped by Khalilah Hall Photography.

Life is an adventure, eh? Make sure you check out Rayna's week HERE