P52 Week 16 - Book Fair!

A broken wrist. Car accident. Dead lens. They say things happen in 3's, and this was no exception to the rule.

Last week Nora fell goofing around outside, and it was a few days before we realized she broke it (she's really tough apparently). Monday we got a hard cast put on, and she'll be wearing it for 6 weeks. They wouldn't do rainbow for her, so dark blue was the winning color.

Saturday, on my way to an AWESOME maternity/babymoon shoot, a someone backed out of her driveway into me. I'm still upset with the way she handled it, but I don't know what shoes she's walking in so I won't judge. Ultimately, no one was hurt and my car will get fixed. 

Monday my Sigma Art 35mm f/1:1.4 camera lens died. It's the one I usually keep tethered to my Nikon D810, so luckily I happened to have rented a 24mm for fun from Hawaii Camera and have a nice backup! That also should be fixed and returned to me next week.

All that aside, it's been pretty calm at the MacDonnell house. Nathan is having a hard time being 4- I think we need to bring back naps. True story. I got some sweet essential oils that smell super good. And I made the trip to LUSH to restock my shampoo bar and pick up a few smelly good items- their Karma perfume is soooo intoxicating. 

By the next time I log on, I should have a new birth to announce! Mom has been in labor for 14 hours now, and hopefully things will start progressing shortly so I can go join them. I'm biting my nails waiting for the phone call :)  Go show Rayna some love HERE. <3