P52 Week 19

I got a sweet lens for my Canon 6D and wanted to test it out- so I grabbed Lydia's youngest and headed to the splash park. Her kids are so photogenic! I love the way the water droplets catch the mid morning light.

To make things interesting, I brought along my Nikon D810 and Lensbaby Sweet 35. The distortion is so fun on the playground :)

The kids don't get to play in the back alley very often (too many cars drive through and I can't see through the gate) so when they do its a super exciting event. There was chalk FOR DAYS down the street lol!

girl jumping rope in alley oahu lifestyle photographer

What types of things do your kids like to do for fun that is close to home (and free)? We are so lucky to live in a relatively quiet community with tons of parks.

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