P52 Week 21

This was the last week of school! 

For my daughter, it means no more public school. She'll be homeschooled in partnership with a local charter school that ROCKS (Myron B Thompson) for third grade. We are both excited, even if I'm a little nervous. Their program is incredible though, so with their help I think we'll both succeed.

For Nathan, it was the end of this year of Pre-K. He'll continue to attend the ASYMCA, and in the fall advance to their highest level of prep. It was our last class with most of his friends and his favorite teacher. 

I'm sure I took more photos this week, but I just returned from a 20 hour birth and my brain is very friend. Birth is so amazing, awesome, and I always leave with a crazy buzz (which ends up being a hangover almost, of emotion and being tired). I'm so proud of my mama- she labored for about 35 hours and now has a beautiful baby girl!

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