P52 Week 22

So, Friday when this was supposed to go live I was on day two at an amazing birth! It's pretty crazy that two weeks in a row, I went in on a Thursday and spent the night at Queens. Two beautiful mama's and two beautiful babies! I can't wait to share their birth stories.

We went and visited the Waikiki Aquarium for the first time, and while it was really small there was a ton of gorgeous fish and sea life to enjoy. I FREAKING love the frog fish. Way too cool. And these things look like pokemon from the prehistoric era.

kids at waikiki aquarium honolulu hawaii
aquarium sea creature prehistoric pokemon
frog fish aquarium waikiki
dad husband and boy sitting observing aquarium fish
girl with shark toy oahu hawaii lifestyle family photographer
family on jetty pacific ocean honolulu hawaii
diamond head from waikiki

After getting our sea life fill, we had a local lunch nearby and walked around the beach. A nice wave knocked off Nora's slipper, and then got her too! Luckily a cool paddleboarder retrieved the list sandal and she survived the embarrassment. 

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