P52 Week 23


Summer break is in full swing.. for one child at least. Nathan is still continuing preschool, and over the summer his class is at 8 am twice a week. I really don't like having to wake up so early, BUT it's helped motivate me to get out of the house and work out, or have coffee with friends.

I got a new waterproof bag/case for my camera- it's not very fancy, but it allows me to not worry about my camera getting splashed around sprinklers. I might even be brave enough to take it in the pool, but I don't think I'd submerge it too deep. To test it out I grabbed a garden hose and angled it so I could try to manipulate the thing with one hand while spraying with the other, and here's what I got. Fun! 

I'm REALLY excited for this Saturday, when Lydia is going to film our family at the State Fair. Then Sunday a group of us are going on a photo walk followed by Korean food and some kareoke (I'll stick to the food portion lol). 

<3 I also got festive for the Army's 241st birthday TODAY, June 10th, and put a bow on my door. SO fancy.

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