P52 Week 25

Next week the year will be officially half over! Half of me is in shock- how can it already be the half way mark? But the other half is looking back at how much has happened this year, all of the "see you soon's" we've exchanged, and how much I've grown as a person.

This week the unthinkable happened... my hard drive DIED. Kaput. :( While I do have online backup service, it's taking forever to restore all of the lost files. This catastrophe happened in the middle of switching from my old iMac (which is looking for a new home now) to a new, custom built PC. I LOOVE iOS and miss the seamless sync I had before, but this machine was built to edit. I also am enjoying a shiny new pair of monitors and moved my desk into the kitchen area, where I'm less cut off from the family.


The kids are enjoying summer. Both are now enrolled at Z3 Sports Academy in Gymnastics and love it. Otter pops have become a staple afternoon snack here, especially with it being pretty warm outside. One of Nathan's favorite parts of the day is having a "bookt" read to him (especially by daddy).


Unlike the saying, "a watched pot never boils", cookies DO bake when little kids stare at them. :)  Head over to Rayna's blog here and see what everyone else in the circle is up to this week.