P52 Week 34 - Bellows Beach, Oahu Hawaii

p52 candice macdonnell oahu lifestyle photographer

This week we finished up Grandma's visit with a busy schedule. Many beach visits, the USS Arizona and USS Missouri, lunch and dinner dates, a loop around the island, and a Luau. Paradise Cove has my favorite dinner show, and Grandma had a great time! Charlie got selected to be a honorary hula dancer and was such a trip.

For my husband's birthday last week, he wanted to have a beach day at his favorite- Bellows! It's a large stretch of ocean on the windward side of the island, and is located on a military training installation. 

His mother was in town for her Hawaii vacation, and we all loaded up into the car. The kids had a blast, even though the waves were pretty strong that day. Charlie and Nathan built a cool sand "china man's hat" and Nora spent a good amount of time boogie boarding. Charlie's mom Mary and I got knocked down by a few waves ourselves!

I created a sixty second picture from the day. It was my first time using my new GoPro 4 and a waterproof dome housing. Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by!  Be sure to check in with Rayna, and follow the circle around.