P52 - Week 49 | Fort Leonard Wood Family Photography

Nora started public school again this week. You can catch her transition HERE- it's worth a read!  My father in law also dropped by for an unexpected visit and the kids have had a blast.  Jake is growing soooo fast- he won't be a puppy much longer! 

On top of all that, I ended up having a visit at the Hospital's Labor and Delivery.  After being sick for almost a week, I was suuuper dehydrated and woke up Wednesday morning with pretty bad back pain.  By the afternoon, I was having painful contractions and my midwife told me to head to the hospital.  They checked everything and baby was fine, bloodwork came back ok.  After 3 bags of saline and some paid medication (and a lot of me writing in pain and throwing up) I was cleared to go home and rest.  I'll be drinking over a gallon of water each day now to keep that from ever happening again!  Thank goodness baby girl is doing great.

Have a great week!  Here's Rayna's P52: CLICK