Project 52 Week 1 - New Year, New Goals

candice macdonnell photography photo project 52

Here goes week 1 of my Project 52- the goal is to take and post one image weekly for a whole year. Much easier than a 365 (I'm doing one of those also!) but still a fun way to challenge yourself. Pinterest is probably full of weekly themes for a P52-but it doesn't have to be anything in particular. 

Since it's a new year, I suppose a "resolution" post would be fitting. It feels super cheesy, but oh well. Maybe by blogging what I want to improve i'll be more likely to follow through on them.

Here are a few things I have wanted to start doing/working on. 

1. Being a better friend / leaving my cave and socializing. I do it, i'm trying to do it less :)

2. Shoot daily. i'm doing a P52 and 365, both which require me to actively seek out moments to photograph each week/day and then post. Does anyone like reading these things? Maybe not, but it's a neat way for me to look back next year and remember what was going on in my life.

3. Exercise more and spend less. Self explanatory. 

4. Stop procrastinating so much. This photo was taken during my favorite time of each morning- my son waits to go downstairs until I'm ready to hold his hand. It's not a fear of being alone, he simply loves being sweet and knows that I adore this. It wont last forever, and have tried a few times to get a snapshot of it with my cell. Finally I committed to having my camera ready and freezing this moment. Not the best photo in the world, but it means so much to me.

5. Commit to things i can finish, and say no to things i cannot. 

Hop on over to the awesome Sharleen's blog and see what she posted for her project 52 week 1

What are you aiming for this year? I'd love to hear your goals in the comments!