Project 52 Week 6

mommy and me self portrait p52 candice macdonnell

We have a super special guest this week! Papa and Nora have been best buddies since she was born, so it's great to see them together again. And in typical grandparent fashion, they're getting slightly spoiled :) 

I forgot how much I love the bowling alley- we were there for the beginning of Cosmic Bowl, everyone loved the black light! I was the only one to do worse in the second game LOL. Nora whooped butt, so she needs to be banned from using bumpers next time. 

Visiting the PacAviation Museum, Nora and Papa discussed the distance between Florida and Hawaii. A cute card from Aunt Chrissy and Uncle Tom, and a pretty flower from the Botanical gardens. My new wireless remote is awesome- I can't wait to get in the frame more often.

We ended Thursday watching Charlie graduate BLC on the commandant's list - super proud of him!

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