Project 52 Week 9

project 52 candice macdonnell photography

Hello March! 

While my house has been a little more quiet without our friends in town, life sure hasn't slowed down one bit! Friday and Sunday I had the awesome opportunities to photograph two beautiful births, we moved my son into his own room, and I started walking again. Yesterday was actually my first grocery trip sans car. That could have been an awesome photo opportunity if I had thought to bring the camera lol! 

By moving my son into the third bedroom it's the official end of my studio space. Which is not a bad thing, I'm really excited to be offering only honest, unposed birth and family photography. But it was a nice feeling to finally say "goodbye" to my stuff-- and my son's face at seeing his new room for the first time (undecorated, but whatever) was priceless.

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little boy with wrinkly piggies toes in the tub